Monday, May 11, 2009

Why I love Mondays

In an effort to increase my optimism potential, I am choosing to give that part of my personality a workout (since it seems to be atrophied something fierce these days). So, looking on the bright side.....
I love Mondays because...

They only come once a week

Sometimes I don't have my usual Monday after school meeting, and that makes it a perk!

There is nothing like a rainy Monday afternoon to be the cherry on top of the sundae of the day

The copy machine likes to express it's personality. And who doesn't like a copy machine with personality??

That means I'm only 4 days away from Friday

Sometimes I find out cool stuff that happened on someone else's weekend

Children are notoriously more sleepy on Monday mornings

Monday = laundry day = clean underwear!

I get to apply the message I heard on Sunday at church in real life ways

Mondays set the tone for the rest of the work week, so it's a chance to have a fresh start

Those are just some of the reasons I am choosing to love Monday.


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