Saturday, May 9, 2009

For the Moms in my life

A great big hug to all the mom's in my life... and there are quite a few.

First and foremost, to my own Mom. I love you. I love that you taught me how to cook and love doing it. I love that you showed me how to be practical and helpful. I love that you showed me it's OK to cry at Hallmark commercials. I love that you let me read all I wanted and never made me go out for group sports. I love that you have remained steadfast and true through all the years of your marriage and have given me a glimpse of how to keep that relationship right. I love that you are funny and like crafty things that I don't remotely understand. I love that you and I are so different so that I can appreciate and notice all the really nice things about you. You are my model, my mentor, my inspiration, and my friend. I love you!

For my mothers in law.. Faith , thank you for raising a boy into a man that is a wonderful husband, father, and friend. I love that you are a part of my life in so many ways. I love that you are creative and can sew on my buttons, even though you mock the "thought" of me doing it myself. I love that you love my kids like they were your own. And I love that you put up with our crazy household day in and day out. You are more than a mother in law, you area a friend and for that, I am thankful.

For Cheryl, though not Chris's birth mom, you are his mother in every other sense. I love you for your patience and your wit. I love you for your compassion and your willingness to serve. I love that you spoil my kids rotten and do so unashamedly. I love you for loving Chris without reservation and making him into the man he is today. He is a wonderful husband, father, and friend and you helped him get there in every visit, phone call, and rough moment of that childhood. Thank you for being his rock and guide and limit setter. And I love that we have a deep friendship that truly understands the Willingham male mind. It's a scary place, but at least I am not alone!

Thanks Moms! You are deeply loved and appreciated!


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