Friday, July 15, 2011

Best FB status ever

I withheld for the masses.. images and reputations to keep up and all that. But I do need an outlet. Pls don't tell on me!

The status reads:
Mime team is at a rehab center...some sorting snacks for VBS. Making much of Jesus in Mexico!

My initial response was outrageous laughter and a desire to type:
Glad to hear our students are giving snacks to the addicts with munchies! Praise God from whom all blessings flow!
Maybe it's just me, but that's funny stuff.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tackling IT

Have you ever had a huge job looming that you didn't want to start? Where there isn't a deadline? A job the needing doing, has needed to be done for a while, but you just can't bring yourself to start it? Because once you start it, there is no turning back? And it's going to be messy? And probably make you unpopular with the family because they might not like your choices, but I notice they aren't stepping up to help? A task that has scared stronger women than me and sent full grown men running in terror?

No, I'm not talking about shaving my legs or washing the dishes. This is bigger than both and messier by far. This mountain that must be tackled is awkward and huge and will take many days and cost money and I might even need a backhoe at some point. It will take all my resolve and intelligence and skills. It will require commitment and pain and sweat and. most likely, a dumpster.

I think longingly about a wayward match that would take care of it. I daydream about reality shows that could come and do it for me. I pine away for that phone call saying "I won!" and I can just walk away and never think of it.

Do you have an IT? An unsurmountable task that is most likely beyond what you can bring to it? I've heard rumors that prayer helps in places like this. Although when I pray about it I hear mostly silence and a little snickering.

So perhaps tomorrow I will start the process. Maybe the morning will bring the desire to do what must be done. Some restful sleep, relaxing evening, and hearty breakfast will make that mountain seem climbable. Until then, the garage will stay the way it is and I will not give in to the temptation to cry at the inhumanity of having to clean it out.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Play that Funky music, White Girl!

With all my summer free time, I'm playing with music. By playing, I mean that I am creating some awesome playlists. This is like when I'd make those mixed tapes in Jr High, but without the DJ talking over the start and finish of the best song of the week. Playlists for work, for moods, for fun, for memories when the Old Timer's disease kicks in.. that kind of stuff.

Digital music makes me happy because it's so EASY. Drag and drop and save. That's it. After the music has been legally downloaded of course. And when it is artfully arranged into genre, style, and purpose I have a soundtrack for my day. Here is what I am currently working on..

Instrumental soundtrack list (for when I want to be inspired, because John Williams is a GENIUS)
Disney/Kid list safe for school (gonna be using music therapy a lot this year I hear)
Hard Core Cleaning for the Suburban Housewife ( a mix of rock and 80's hits that make me happy and make me forget that I am doing chores)
Country Fun (to bring back happy college memories of when I was in my country phase from East Texas)
Creepers (for all those songs that make you sure you are being followed by someone declaring their undying love whether you want them or not)

Just another fun day in Willingham's World!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Revenge of the Drunken Monkeys

Home repair is for the birds. It's expensive. And it's not fixing the problem.

Our master shower leaks. And we don't know why. Because our house was apparently built by drunken monkeys, nothing is standard or works like it should. We have a leak into the kitchen from the bathtub/shower directly above. We have had 2 plumbers try to find the source. And so far, they have failed. You'd think the problem was pipes or connections or even old/missing grout/sealant. It doesn't act like a hole in the drain pan, either. And it occurs seemingly randomly. We thought we had fixed it. Stuff has been great for 2 days. We even have a guy coming to fill in the hole in the kitchen ceiling today. But, thank God who loves us, it started leaking worse than ever this morning. At least we hadn't had the sheetrock done yet.

Now I am depressed and irritated and just plain old cranky about it. Why can't anything work right??? I'm willing to make the sacrifices to pay for it when it is past my ability to fix. I just want a house that works! And doesn't leak! Because leaks are sneaky and unreliable and leave a lot of damage behind. I'm not fond of sneak, unreliable, damaging stuff.

Sigh.. Here's to hoping the day gets better.. cheers!