Saturday, July 2, 2011

Revenge of the Drunken Monkeys

Home repair is for the birds. It's expensive. And it's not fixing the problem.

Our master shower leaks. And we don't know why. Because our house was apparently built by drunken monkeys, nothing is standard or works like it should. We have a leak into the kitchen from the bathtub/shower directly above. We have had 2 plumbers try to find the source. And so far, they have failed. You'd think the problem was pipes or connections or even old/missing grout/sealant. It doesn't act like a hole in the drain pan, either. And it occurs seemingly randomly. We thought we had fixed it. Stuff has been great for 2 days. We even have a guy coming to fill in the hole in the kitchen ceiling today. But, thank God who loves us, it started leaking worse than ever this morning. At least we hadn't had the sheetrock done yet.

Now I am depressed and irritated and just plain old cranky about it. Why can't anything work right??? I'm willing to make the sacrifices to pay for it when it is past my ability to fix. I just want a house that works! And doesn't leak! Because leaks are sneaky and unreliable and leave a lot of damage behind. I'm not fond of sneak, unreliable, damaging stuff.

Sigh.. Here's to hoping the day gets better.. cheers!


Kim said...

Ugh! That totally stinks! I'm so sorry. I hope they find the cause!

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