Thursday, August 30, 2012

Plodding through the Prophets

I got it.. I finally got it.. kind of.. Alright, I'm just starting to get it.. but it's there.

I've been reading through the Bible with our church chronologically. And I have made it to Ezekiel. We have spent weeks reading about how God's people walked away from Him. Ran away from Him. Turned their backs on Him. I have read prophet after prophet share truth through dire circumstances. I have heard the heart of God for his people, His longing for them to trust him, obey him, and recognize that He has their best interests at heart.

And I have watched this stupid, proud, selfish people get absolutely decimated by world powers. I have read of the starving, plague infested, homeless reprobates and I have wept for the loss of their potential. All at their own doing in failing to return to their Father.

I am beginning to see the pain of loss when God's people are not obedient. And today I read a beautifully sad portion that flashed me forward to the Salvation that God eventually sends. And I finally began to have a wee tiny wisp of an idea of how thirsty God's people must have been for the Messiah to come and what that Messiah would mean to them. After centuries of domination and slavery and separation from their God, just a remnant was left to welcome God's gift of salvation. And I have started, in fact just begun, to understand more fully the specialness of Jesus and the reality of his power. And I also see just how amazing it is that I was included in His plan.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

My mind in running in circles. It goes like this:

I can't believe school starts Monday. Do the boys have all their supplies? Ryan doesn't have a lunchbox. Do they still use lunchboxes in 6th grade? Crap. I have to go to the grocery store. I don't even have food for lunch. And I don't know what I'm going to wear. Should I try to find a new outfit? Nah, too tired for clothes shopping. So tired. Mr. Sandman is working overtime. If I could just get a full night's rest, that would solve my problem. I can't believe school starts on Monday!

Repeat ad nauseum.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ode to Summertime

Summertime, you have come to an end, my friend.
We thought it could last forever, but no
It's time to get back to the "Big Show".

We had our good times, yep, we did.
36 hours on a bus, oh yeah!
Major house repairs, you bet!
Days at the Y watching kids swim and trying to keep my book from getting wet while I sweat? It seems only just a dream.
Maybe you recall a birthday in the car? Yes, dear Summer Friend, you were there.

You were there when we entered Disneyworld in the rain!
You were there when we waited for Disney Buses for 25 minutes and got to stand for 30 more because it was so full.
You were there when my boys fought Darth Vader and won! Yes you were!
You were there when the road disappeared in Gary, Texas.
You were there as we toured a deserted college in 98 degrees.
And you were there when it was all completed.

We have had a lot of fun, you and I.
So thanks for the memories.
Thanks for the joy!
I bid you farewell til next year dear friend.
May we meet again and have more grand adventures.
I'm off to THE JOB tomorrow. I will miss you dearly.
And some days I know, it will seem like it was all only a dream.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

It's going to be that kind of day!