Sunday, August 30, 2009

Yes I did!

You can call me McGyver if ya want. Just know that the card reader now works. Don't ask how and I won't have to explain. :)


I'm frustrated. Can't get the USB device that will upload pics from my camera to the PC to work. Cable is long gone into Willingham's World of Oblivion (aka Chris's office). No other sim card reader seems to be available. Gonna have to go McGyver on that goofy thing (edited for the family audience). :)

Saturday, August 29, 2009

1 Week Down... 35 to go

First week of school... FANTASTIC! This had to be the most laid back, smooth first week... Even with me moving grade levels.. my new team is wonderful.. I know most of the kids' names... I know at least half of their reading levels.. and when you team teach the day goes exceptionally fast...

We start teaching for real next week. I'm curious about how the kids will do with the increased responsibility and rigor of 3rd grade. Some will excel and others will crash, this I know... but I wonder who will do which.

I've got some great kids in my classes... I've got some kids with real problems, too. One was out for 2 days this week cuz his bro and sis (both younger) came to visit and Dad thought he should stay home and sleep since they kept him up until 1 am. I've got a few really needy kids who want what they want when they want it. And I've got a ton of great, hard working, obedient students who really want to do their best.

My teaching team is wonderful. Everyone pitches in, does whatever needs doing without being asked, and cares about the kids. They look out for each other and like to have fun. But most importantly, I'm not team leader! I don't have to be responsible for things coming together or remembering to tell people stuff, or fixing what's broken. No one looks to me for the answer to "how should we do that?" Whew! I knew it would be a big relief, but it feels wonderful to experience it.

That was the first week. I know it'll have some ups and downs along the way. I know all weeks won't be this good. But for now, I will be thankful and truly enjoy the blessing that God has given without borrowing trouble from tomorrow.

Saturday, August 22, 2009


It's the last Sat of Summer. And I'm a little down. My time is no longer my own. It's time once again to take on the stress of lots of little people.. and some big ones, too. I am mourning this trip back to school more than usual. Josh starts Kindergarten on Monday. ACK! My guy is now an offical kid.. The year of questions has begun. Ryan is in third grade.. the year of girls has begun.. I don't think I am mentally prepared for this.

Chris asked if we wanted to take a trip up to the church tonight while he got ready for tomorrow. I politely declined. With dishes (I cooked messy food) and laundry (clean sheets for 3 changes, cuz it's the start of school)and wanting my last bit of peace and quiet, it wasn't going to happen.

So, as I listen to the dishes washing, the clothes washer spinning away and the quiet of no TV on, I am a little sad to see it go... but glad I have the opportunity to reflect a bit.

What a great summer! Chris's job, free time, kids old enough to not need me every waking moment, free public library, new truck, good friends, fun trips, family time, walks around the neighborhood, time. I do enjoy the luxury of time. I waste too much of it, but, as I said, it is a luxury. I think I should get to use it the way I see fit. :) Well, with God's blessing and direction. And I do feel like He let me know I needed time for ME this summer break. So it was just that.. a summer BREAK.

Thanks Lord, for giving me the gift of time and the wisdom to appreciate it.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Cars are vehicles from Satan

Yeah, shockingly, the Willingham's have car issues... again... don't worry, the truck is fine, unscratched and working like a dream. The Great Green Grannie machine, however, after it's week at the car spa (aka shop)has lost its AC.. completely. Well, the fan runs on high.. but the cool left on my way to the movies. They fixed the dreaded "check engine" light by replacing the Oxygen sensor.. and then let us know the AC was on the fritz (no new news there).. but I thought we at least had a few more weeks before it went out.

Grrrr. so now, with paying for Chris's fall semester looming, a new truck payment, and trying to get the credit cards down.. We have yet another car bill..

and did I mention I start school tomorrow?? back to the old grindstone to pay for it all. Nice. I am thankful for a steady job and cars that get me from here to there.. but I am so tired of sweating.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Where'd they go?

All my blogs I follow have gone missing from my reading list..WHAT!! I didn't do it. grrr, now I have to go back and find them.

BUt on the bright side... I get to use the truck today! Since Chris is sleeping off his "lock in" hang over (not alcohol induced btw, video game induced) i get a super cool vehicle to drive around in.

And Josh gets some extended time checking out his new school while Mommy works on her room. It's a happy Wednesday!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Moving on

I am moving on from my eyebrow issues today.. the meds are working.. I'm almost back to normal, so the complaints stop today. Well, about eyebrows anyway (M wiggles her brows up and down) yep, they still work.

Had big fun at the in-laws today. Ate at the Splendora cafe (high brow eating, ya know) and pool time with the boys while the big boys played Wii football. Now, I have a nagging sore throat, that I hope is from swallowing some chlorine water. I get to go get Chris from the church at 9 ish tonight. And make sure the boys get bathed before church in the morning.

And I really want a nap. Perhaps I'll just nod off for a few...

Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's Thursday....

Well, what a happy Thursday.. My allergic reaction is lessening.. My children woke up happy... My neighbors are getting a new roof (and good morning to you, too)... and I'm going up to the school to try to get my room set up.. and by set up I really mean try to network my computers and shift some furniture before the children run out of things to do.

Then we'll head home and start on more laundry (surprisee!) and maybe try to clean out my closet.. it's been a while, to say the least.. and it might be a nice surprise for the husband, if I can finish it and not have closet stuff strewn around the bedroom at the end of the day.

That's my plan. and I'm sticking to it. for now at least.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Aghhh! Eyebrow Alert!

The Dr, er, PA said it is an allergic reaction. I am now the happy owner of a serious steroid pack and some triple strength hydrocortizone cream. This morning I woke up looking like Rocky Balboa the day after his fight, but with better eyebrows. :) And less bruising.

Anyway, if the PA was right, I should be feeling, er looking, better by tomorrow, with 50% improvement by Friday and complete recovery by Monday. Hope so because I've got to go back to school next week. Meetings Monday and Thursday and working on setting up my new room in between.

All I can think is "Where did my summer go?"

Obligatory Laundry Blog

I did laundry. I have more laundry to wash. I have lots of laundy to put away. My children only broke 1 drawer putting their laundry away. My husband couldn't find his laundry this morning even though it was sitting where it always sits. I have too many clothes. My children have too many clothes. My husband has too many clothes. My mother in law washes her own clothes. I don't know how many she has. The dog has no clothes to wash, but he does need a bath.

Guess I need to go do the laundry now.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eyebrow update

Ok, so the top half of my face is slightly swollen and bumpy.. I did a little internet reseach and figure it's either allergies (to what??!!) or celluitis. Yep, looks like I might have gotten a skin infection from getting my brows waxed! Only me.. seems I'm queen of weird health issues! Yippee.. I just wanted to be queen of a small country.

So, since Mom will ask when she reads this, I am self treating with oral antihistimine, topical hydrocortizone, and cold rags soaked in water and cider vinegar. And it seems to be helping. So now I am sleepy, oily, and smell like vinegar with less swelling and itching. Nice way to end the summer.

Keep checking back. Since I'm housebound so I don't scare the Woodlannds population, I might have a laundry blog coming soon.

I know, you couldn't be more excited!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Eyebrow anguish!

On my girls weekend, we got pedi's and I got my brows waxed. This is no small feat. The first time they were waxed, several years ago, I cried until the poor vietnamese girl had to turn her wax stick over to the manager. The second time I tried it, I cried again and swore that I would never do that again, and doomed myself to tweezing from fear of the wax. This is a reasonable fear, I think. And quite a nice gesture to the eye waxing professionals of my hometown.

Well, the estrogen induced atmosphere of two great friends out of town with no children, and a very pushy pedicurist convinced me to try it one more time. And this time i didn't cry. Well, a little in my heart and soul, but nothing leaked down my cheeks. From past experiences, I know that there is redness post waxing. But the itchy, tingle didn't seem to go away over the next day. And today, day 2, I am wondering what I have done!

See, my brows itch like a mosquito convention. The top half of my face is still red and puffy. Not hugely, go to the hospital you caught an Asiatic virus type way.. but uncomfortable. This is not right. All I can figure is that Little Miss Pushy, the wax techinician and pedicurist, did some serious soft tissue damage with her self proclaimed "technique". And now my face is rebeling and teaching me a very important lesson.

Now I have to wonder, when will my face return to normal? When will I stop feeling every little smile and change in my eyebrow (what's left of them) region? I give it another day before I totally freak out on someone.

Oh yeah, they look great, by the way, the brows have lovely shape that is very non-caterpillar like. Quite the improvement.

Oh, the things we do for beauty under estrogen induced stupidity!