Thursday, October 16, 2008

Coming home

After 5 days traveling Texas, we finally got to come home. There was little damage. The rug took a hit from the mold, the entertainment center got messed up, but otherwise, we were fine. How good it felt to be back home. I even got the thoroughly clean the refrigerator and deep freeze. Goodness knows they needed it.

I'll try to upload the rest of the pics later.

But for now, it's time to celebrate Chris's birthday!

Photos from the hurricane part 3

After a good few days, we moved south to my mom and dad's house.

The boys made a haul with happy meal toys from our hours on the road.

Opa was giving out chess lessons.

The cousins came to visit.

There was some down time.

And then there were dogs. Not sure if you can see them all, but I think we had 7 dogs running the property at one point in time.

Photos from the hurricane part 2

When we got to Dallas, our hotel was across the freeway from Texas Stadium. Lucky us, but the Cowboys were playing their Monday night football game that week. Yippee!

Brett spent about 2 hours grilling out freezer meat. Guess who stocked the freezer the week before the hurricane came??

So, we took a little trip to the park one night. Ponds, friends, ducks, future Jedi's, and a gorgeous sunset, who could ask for more?

Photos from the hurricane

After a little too long, here are some photos from the hurricane.

We started by distracting the boys with a cupcake contest.

Here's some damage from our street.

We decided to head north after news of the power outage came in. Here is part of the convoy of electical help we passe on I-45. What a glorious sight!