Thursday, February 25, 2010

I know it's inappropriate for public, but this IS MY blog

Alrighty, I found some new greeting cards I'm considering for the holidays. What do you think??

Again, I just wonder who has the time to think this stuff up. But I laughed. And I hope you did, too. If not, well, you get what you pay for, I suppose.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Is it easy being a parent?

Coming home from basketball today Josh asks: Dad, is it easy being a parent?
Dad: Not really. What do you think parents do?
Josh: Oh, they make food and get a job. They pay taxes and the electric bill. I just wondered because you make it look so easy.

Everyone together now.. AWWWWWW! He's a cutie alright.

Sigh of a Ninja

It's a sighing Saturday morning. Things are fine. Trucking right along, except for Ryan's missing basketball uniform. No tragedy is looming over us that we can see. Everyone is happy and healthy.

And I think I'm just lonely. I miss my friends. With our crazy schedules I haven't seen anyone outside of the daily activities since New Year's. I haven't had much "Me Time", at least where I could go and do what I wanted to. I want to go and hang with my Tara and giggle like we're 12 again and the ridiculous people who pass us by. I want to get my hair did with Tescille and debate the merits of different types of music education (who knew I'd miss that?!) I want to meet up with Kim Vogel, who I haven't seen in years but have recently reconnected with and would love to just go have coffee and catch up. We've been trying to plan that for weeks, and neither one of us can make it work. I want to see Kim from Dallas and talk about her education classes and go shopping and cook something fun that I'd never make on my own. Sigh. But I don't see it happening. Apparently I lead a life of invisible action focused on one main goal... to keep the wheels turning in the Willingham Household.

It's that "life" thing again. My Sat is defined by basketball and trips to Kingwood to see Mamaw (who's actually doing much better. Getting her memory back and all that!) I have clothes to wash and food to buy (these people can eat!) and mess to tidy up (I'm trying to do better with that. I have these really good looking floors now that I want to be able to show off at a moment's notice). Work is very draining , so by the time I get home and cook dinner and make the boys do their homework and go to basketball practice and wait for Chris to get home, I'm pretty worn out.

Sigh. Just one of those mornings I guess. Time to find that uniform and get the boys moving cuz time is ticking away.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A solution?

It's been crazy the last week or so. Chris has a ton of school work (papers, books to read, online postings, all that Master's level stuff) so he's been keeping weird hours. To bed at 12:45 am, up at 8 am.. To bed at 9 pm, up at 5:30. to bed at 5 am, up a 10:30am... just weirdness.. Of course, it could  be because of the snoring. Maybe he's just decided to pop in when I'm not sawing logs.

And on that note, I've started trying to change how I eat. Smaller portions. Less dessert. More salads without dressing.  Not a big enough change to make a real difference (most likely) but it's something I can do now. In the midst of my chaos. This thing called Life.

Maybe I just need to take a day off of work and relax. I need some focus, and I need to find some love for my job. It's not bad. It's me.  Or maybe I need to try those pills again. :) Or maybe all of the above.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010


So, the husband confessed something to me recently. It was shocking and a little disturbing and I'm just not sure what to do about it. I can't get it out of my mind and I'm not sure how to fix the problem. I mean, there are lots of ways to solve it, I just don't know the right thing to do.

I'm leaning toward trying to lose some pounds. I'm thinking 20-30 pounds would right the situation. And if I could snap my fingers and make it so, I would. But 20-30 pounds is a lot of WORK and sweat and time and tears and pain and suffering and self denial and did I mention pain? I hate pain. But I'd endure it for my man. He's worth it.

I could just let it go. Maybe he could buy something to help with the situation. It shouldn't be too expensive. But that wouldn't really solve the problem, it would just cover it up.

We could involve medical professionals. I'm sure they have a procedure or a pill to make it all better. But I really hate doctors and I just don't want them touching me there. And the cost. Well, it would definitely cost in money and time. I don't think I'm quite ready for that.

Ok, have you figured it out yet?? I'm a snorer. Yep, apparently like a tired lumberjack. I make trains sound melodious and tornados whimper at their own inadequacy. It's so bad, that it even wakes Chris up! And some of you know how hard that is. And it's getting worse, or so My Man says. Worse enough to make him tell me. I'm keeping him up, interfering with what little sleep he does get. And he was put in the uncomfortable position of having to tell me.  Ugh! I'm so embarrassed.

How cruel is this of nature?? Afflicting me with something that doesn't bother me in the least, but affects everyone around me. So now, I get to fix it, for the good of the others.  I guess I'll sleep on it for a while while I figure out the "how".

Hmmmm, what to do now??

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Questions

The boys were certainly entertaining last night during the Super Bowl. Here is a list of questions they had during the game. I was so tempted to actually answer some of them.

Daddy, do you know what diptheria is? What? How'd you think about diptheria during a football game? Wait, don't answer that. Just ask football questions. Er, questions about football I mean.

That was a doggie pile, right? No, a dog pile. A doggie pile is smaller and smells better.

Why do they push in football? That's what they get paid to do. D'uh!

How come all the commercials are about Bud Light and Doritos? Well, it is the national food.

Is a sack like a sack lunch? Well, no. not really. Not that I can think of anyway.

How do you tell which one is the quarterback? He's got the ball. And he's smaller. And his jersey number is usually lower... just know, he's the one that throws the ball.

How long is an acre? Ummm, yeah.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Conclusion of the day

Bead is out, with a gnarly plug of ear wax.  It's been a full day. I can honestly say "I did all I could within this crazy constraint called time".

Looking forward to tomorrow. No reason, just praying it's a great day. I like those kinds of days better than the alternatives.

Definitely time for bed. Time to snuggle into a warm cozy bed and drift into never never land.

Bead in the Ear

Ah, another rite of childhood... again,

Yes, we're off to Dr this afternoon. Josh has a bead stuck in his ear. Again. This happened a few years ago. Josh was exploring his orifices and decided that a tiny oblong colored bead would fit nicely in his ear canal. After trying at the house, going to his pediatrician, we ended up in the ER with a very perplexed nurse and physician and very angry toddler. I'd expect that he had learned his lesson. He did.

Josh has a bead in his ear, because RYAN PUT IT THERE! Yes, that's right. My fastidious, follow the rules elder child thought it would be fun to put a bead in his brother's ear. When I asked why, through clenched teeth and seething anger, he told me "because it fit."  Well, alrighty then.

So, my afternoon will now be spend in the dr office. I have no doubt there will be tears (most likely mine) and I'm not ruling out a visit to the ER, too.  Last time they had to use water pressure to pop that sucker out. Hopefully this will be easier to get out. It is smaller, after all.

Sigh, a mother's work is never done.