Sunday, February 7, 2010

Superbowl Questions

The boys were certainly entertaining last night during the Super Bowl. Here is a list of questions they had during the game. I was so tempted to actually answer some of them.

Daddy, do you know what diptheria is? What? How'd you think about diptheria during a football game? Wait, don't answer that. Just ask football questions. Er, questions about football I mean.

That was a doggie pile, right? No, a dog pile. A doggie pile is smaller and smells better.

Why do they push in football? That's what they get paid to do. D'uh!

How come all the commercials are about Bud Light and Doritos? Well, it is the national food.

Is a sack like a sack lunch? Well, no. not really. Not that I can think of anyway.

How do you tell which one is the quarterback? He's got the ball. And he's smaller. And his jersey number is usually lower... just know, he's the one that throws the ball.

How long is an acre? Ummm, yeah.


Kim said...

Love the new look! And that's hilarious. Maybe my brain stopped before I was ten... that's kind of how I think too...

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