Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome to the Roller Coaster I Call Life

Up and down.. in and out... happy and sad.. It's been a week of opposites.
To start with, My Favorite Guy was announced as the head Student Pastor for our church. It has been coming for a while, and the waiting was killing us, but God is good even when we think He is taking too long. Yay! From jobless to Dream Job in less than 3 years.
I got a new car. I have NEVER owned a new car for me. I have had several previously owned new to me cars, 2 new cars bought for the Husband, but this is my first new car just for me. I am still in a sense of shock. It is awesome and amazing.
3 days after getting a new car, the truck got vandalized and robbed. They got a laptop and bag full of techy goodied and left about $1200 worth of damage to the truck. Sigh. Greedy, mean people make me cranky.

They really wanted in.

Chris is off in San Diego for a Youth Convention. This was his view today from his meeting venue. I love how he suffers for Jesus.

This was my view this afternoon. Biggest rainstorm since June. Lots of wind, lightning, rain.

So, it has been a really full and tiring week. I can't wait to relax a little this weekend! Who's with me?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

When it rains, It pours... God's blessings

New job.. Yay!
New car...Yay!
Old car accepted as a trade in .... Yay!
Truck demolished by greedy thief... Boo!
Hubby's laptop stolen...Boo!
USAA insurance... Yay!
Husband leaving for 5 days to go to San Diego... Boo!
Class from Hades in a particulary onery mood... Boo!

All a part of God's plan, no doubt. Just part of the crazy ride of life with the Willinghams. More details when time permits, but that's the short version.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Overheard from the sick bed

I woke up and wasn't able to get out of bed, so the boys and I stayed home from church. Sick doesn't look good on me when it comes with snot, headache, and bone weary exhaustion. At least it isn't messy.

So, I heard this gem while in my Nyquil induced stupor.

Purple: When you toot you should say excuse me
Boy Wonder: Excuse me, but I didn't toot, I farted
Purple: Toots and farts are the same thing.
Boy Wonder: Really, cuz I always thought toots were soft and quiet and farts were loud and harsh. That was definitely a fart. Excuse me.

He has a point. The boy has a point.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Heard from the Backseat

Uh.uhh, you can't be Batman. The health insurance alone would ruin you.