Wednesday, January 28, 2009

This one is for all those Moms who sacrifice everyday for their family.

This video makes me laugh.. and laugh.. and laugh. Good medicine for crummy days.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Not forgetting Christmas on the farm..

OK, this got a bit out of order. Guess it's what i get for waiting to post for so long. We had Christmas on the farm this year. My family all turned out. Goats and all. Good times for all. And some great family traditions. As our families grow and change through the years, I am so thankful for parents who loved us enough to be parents instead of friends, siblings who share themselves with their crazy sister who lives in the "big city", and seeing that our children have cousins to play with and grow with and share life with. Just imagine if Aidan and Ryan go off to college together???? Poor poor dorm room.

My 3 favorite guys, just hanging out.

Wii was an interesting addition to Christmas. It provided lots of fun, laughs and time together.

Silly cousins!

Serious siblings.

More Wii fun. So good to actually chat with the neices and nephew.

The traditional Jesus birthday cake, decorated by Marie and Josh and Ryan. Destined for the cakewrecks blog, but mighty tasty.

The tradtional ride in trailer fun. Some things we just don't get to do in the suburbs.

The traditional yearly elves handed out presents.

Katie, hider from all cameras, finally got her picture taken.
James was not surprised to be the subject of a "where the heck are you??" photo.

More trailer fun!

Erin got a guinea pig. That was big fun, until it pooped on me.

I'm still looking for the pictures of Reeses, the house goat... More to come.

New Year's Day with friends

On New Year's Day we went to visit the Riggins family. Light saber battles, video games, great conversation and a smoky kitchen proved that we are all really good friends.

It's funny to me that Tara and I have been friends since we were 12. Now we are middle aged with 2 kids each, crazy families on opposite sides of town, and we still have so much in common. Good friends are a blessing from God, no doubt.

It's a New Year!

We celebrated New Year's Eve with family Rock Band, sparkling juice, champagne, and some Monopoly. It was a great family time.

Feel free to caption these as you wish! :)

Christmas fun with Brett and Kim

We had Christmas with friends first. We met Brett and Kim in Fairfield, pigged out at Sam's buffet and then exchanged presents in the parking lot before we went back our respective ways.

Snow pictures, finally

I promised snow pictures.. and here they are. So what if it's been a month.. Still cool in my book.

All kids need a picture of themselves trying to catch snow on their tongues.

The dog wasn't all that impressed with the cold white stuff.

The best reflective surface turned out to be my hair. Snow, not dandruff, ok?

And Josh was just amused the whole time.

Since the snow day it's been a warm/cool cycle nonstop. Every week varies from 80 to 30 degrees. It kind of stinks, because I can't even put my warm clothes away for a month or two. And everyone gets sick, although we are blessedly healthy at the moment. We even manged to dodge the highly infectious stomach virus that hit my school right before Christmas. God is good all the time.