Saturday, January 10, 2009

Snow pictures, finally

I promised snow pictures.. and here they are. So what if it's been a month.. Still cool in my book.

All kids need a picture of themselves trying to catch snow on their tongues.

The dog wasn't all that impressed with the cold white stuff.

The best reflective surface turned out to be my hair. Snow, not dandruff, ok?

And Josh was just amused the whole time.

Since the snow day it's been a warm/cool cycle nonstop. Every week varies from 80 to 30 degrees. It kind of stinks, because I can't even put my warm clothes away for a month or two. And everyone gets sick, although we are blessedly healthy at the moment. We even manged to dodge the highly infectious stomach virus that hit my school right before Christmas. God is good all the time.


Kim said...

They are so cute!

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