Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waking up Tired

Ugh! It was one of those nights. The Hubby is sick with fever, congestion and sore throat. Between the fever chills, halting snoring, 4 am trip to get ibuprofen in the kitchen, and blasts of dragon breath in my face it was a night of little real sleep. Poor guy, but at least he is finally resting. Perhaps it'll be naptime this afternoon for me.

And the boys are still getting up early. I"m guessing this is driven by the Oldest. The Little One is mostly comatose on the couch when I come down. Amazing the draw of morning cartoons. I'd be worried, but  I remember getting up early to watch them when I was a kid. And the Oldest makes breakfast for them both. Today it was 7 waffles with butter. Yes, he made 7 waffles for the 2 of them. And they are all gone. I think the Little One ate 2. I am so screwed when they both hit their teeneage growth spurts. Thank you , God, for Sam's club and casseroles!

Today should have a trip to the pool and hopefully a meet up with a friend. It'll be lovely!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

Here are some random thoughts I'm having.

1. VBS + Science Camp in the same week make for a very long week.
2. Toy Story 3 was a really cute movie.. not exceptional, but very sweet
3. My niece loves to sleep, except at night.. she stayed up all night last night and is currently sleeping on the couch waiting for her aunt to pick her up.
4. Ryan misses his school friends and was so excited for his play day with his buddy today, that he was up at 6:45 am.
5. I baked a marble cake last night because baking is therapy. And I needed some therapy.
6. I have a lot of odds and ends to take care of.. drs. appointments, dentist visits, reservations to make.
7. Organizing finances is painful and time consuming.
8. I miss my friends and would like a friend day.
9. Washing dishes is death to my soul.
10. I love a good list!

Sunday, June 20, 2010


Stuff The Little People said this week
(with my answers I thought of later)

Mommy, how did God know to make eyeballs? (Um, carefully, with gusto)

Is a ferret like when a cat and a badger have a baby? (Exactly)

Dude! That's my blanket! Get off my Blue. Have you no honor? (Not really a whole lot, no)

If I eat this, this, and this, can I have dessert? Maybe 2? (Nope, not likely)

I wish I had a firepoll in my house. (Me too)

So, do babies just appear in the Mommy's tummy before they are born? Like magic? (yes, dear, it can be like magic. )

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

More Summer Highlights

Well, it's been a good week. Last Friday we took a road trip to Brenham.

Here we are outside of Blue Bell.The boys are looking for their next vehicle.Josh is making new friends.

Me and my boys.

The Children's Museum was lots of fun.  Josh was making things move and talk with his hands and Ryan found the legos.

Here is the picture with our friends. Why are my boys the only ones looking "tuff"? They weren't mad. I promise.

And all this summer fun leads to creative sleeping arrangements. Yeah, they both squeeze into Ryan's bed and fight for space.  When I walked in and say this, I knew there had been some battles the night before.

That's it for now... Back later with more tidbits of fun.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

DAy 3

Nothing to see here... move along

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer, dAy 2

Before we get to Day 2, here is the highlight of Day 1... Ice Cream with the boys!

Now on to Day 2:

Slept til 8 (Yay!) (And by slept, I mean I stayed in bed, really woke up around 5:30 to take the dog out and go pee, then cat napped til 6:30 when the alarm for Chris went off, closed my eyes and pretended to sleep so I wouldn't be expected to take him to work, and finally got up becuase I was doing accounting in my head at 8)

Went grocery shopping. The children were hungry. I also bought 4 herb plants and a lovely hanging petunia. I am PLANT KILLER, hear me roar! Let's see how tough they are. Mother Nature helped out with a nice rain shower to get them well on their way. Perhaps death by drowning this time instead of the usual neglect. We'll just have to wait and see.

Made the children read instead of watch TV. I am a teacher, right? They mumbled until I mentioned no TV all week. Then , they were fine with it.

Played Life, the board game with the boys. They were racing to see who could get the most kids. Ryan had 5, Josh got 1, but finished first. Figures. At the end, they didn't want to count money, so they said I won. Nice. I finally win at life with a pity win. (take that all the many ways it can be taken)

Went to lunch with Chris. That means we ran through a drive through and horked it down in his office while chatting with his 12:30 meeting since we were late getting there due to rain induced traffic and long lunch lines.

Picked up Faith at the hospital. She's doing well. Asleep now since NO ONE sleeps in hospitals. I giggled when the nurse looked at the boys and dropped her voice to nothing when giving the discharge directions of "no intercourse for 4-6 weeks". Now, I laugh out loud, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Came home to finish the game of life and find out a tree dropped on my friend's house. Poor thing. We were chatting yesterday about how that dead thing needs to come down. Total bummer.

Now, updating my blog before we go back to pick Chris up from work. Hmm, wonder what's for dinner?

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Life or personal vendetta? That is the question of the day

Here's my weekend:

Sat - slept til 8am, went shopping, scored new clothes with no tears, dressed up for wedding, rushed home after call about MIL having heart trouble, settled down brave children who were in her care, praised neighbors who were awesome, passed out around midnight

Sun - up at 6 am from scratching dog, busy Sunday School with 35 teens, helped out in Kinder Sunday School next hour, lunch with husband, drop husband off at church for afternoon teaching seminar, bake cookies for nurses, pack large bag for MIL, update/email family, trip to Hospital to check in on MIL and get info from professionals, anticipating : getting hubby around 5:30, dinner then back to church to lock up around 7:30, home again to put children to bed, wash clothes, and pass out

Mon - supposed to start work out routine, get pool passes, call a few friends, and enjoy day 1 of summer. UGH! Instead will most likely be taking hubby to work and going to Conroe for MIL's heart cath procedure.

Ever felt like the best laid plans were being sabotaged?? Yeah, me too. Nasty, nasty enemy. I'm praising Jesus for all the good stuff in the meantime and accepting the change to my schedule with joy, gratefulness,  stoic acceptance of my lot in life.

Friday, June 4, 2010

Pomp and Circumstance

Ahhh, it is done.. School is out! I can't begin to tell you how good it is to know that I am now "on vacation". It hasn't hit yet. I still don't really feel like I am, it just seems like a Friday night. The boys got new toys at the annual Toys R Us Welcome to Summer Toy from Dad event. I got to come along. They begged, they pleaded, and even said please. So I went along. (FYI I HATE wandering aisles and then deciding what to get  watching the boys decide what to get.) It is almost physically painful for me to do that. But I did it, with a smile, and got a cool summer puzzle out of it.

Well, I know some of you are dying for all the Kinder Graduation pictures.

Josh entering with a little "ghosting". Stupid camera.

What a handsome guy he is. I am so proud of him!

Josh saying his part of the program next to his BFF Kaitlyn
Looking cute on the risers. Taken from the back of the gym. Way to go Dad!

Josh and his teacher, Mrs. Muggley. Somehow she has inherited Josh's crazy eyes. Must be the children. I hear they give you the crazy eyes after 30+ years of teaching.

What a fun day! Afterwards rumor has it that Dad and Purple took Josh to Sonic for a treat. Yummy yummy cherry cream slush.

And now, it's time to relax... And absorb the reality of summer.. We are currently discussing where to eat for dinner. No one liked my "clean out the freezer" idea... Yep, summer has arrived.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am so NOT a prophet

In the OT when predictions made didn't come true, the prophet was stoned to death. Well, I am no prophet.

* I teared up a little at Josh's graduation, but not until his teacher gave me a hug and started to water
* I ended up with 14 kids at lunch time, had 8 at dismissal
* I am mostly ready to check out for the summer
* My gift haul was not extravagent: 1 plant, 1 bag of white chocolate, I box of chocolate, 1 card, 1 necklace with my initial, and 1 container of indian coconut rice. Sorry it's sideways. I couldn't get it to turn right.

* I was too pooped to happy dance and wasn't too sad to see them leave this afternoon
* Chris didn't head to the hospital, but did have a hyped up nerf gun draw blood on him
*I chose Chick Fil A for dinner tonight.

All in all, a great school year and I am thankful it is over. It's almost time for Summer Wife!

Last Day predictions

I predict

* I will cry at Josh's graduation
* I will have to push some inconsiderate lady out of the way to get a great photo of him receiving his diploma
* 10  kids in my class will come and watch with me
* I will end the day with 12 kids in my classroom
* I will receive 2 batches of cookies, 1 freshly picked flower, 2 gift cards, and 3 homemade "Thanks for teaching me" cards as end of year gifts
*I will do the happy dance with tears as I watch this year's class go home..They have been awesome for the last two years
*I will choose where we eat out tonight since no one else cooks dinner around here
* Chris will make at least one trip to the hospital today due to Nerf War with the boys at church
* I will get my room cleaned and have exactly 3 things to do on my work day tomorrow