Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Summer, dAy 2

Before we get to Day 2, here is the highlight of Day 1... Ice Cream with the boys!

Now on to Day 2:

Slept til 8 (Yay!) (And by slept, I mean I stayed in bed, really woke up around 5:30 to take the dog out and go pee, then cat napped til 6:30 when the alarm for Chris went off, closed my eyes and pretended to sleep so I wouldn't be expected to take him to work, and finally got up becuase I was doing accounting in my head at 8)

Went grocery shopping. The children were hungry. I also bought 4 herb plants and a lovely hanging petunia. I am PLANT KILLER, hear me roar! Let's see how tough they are. Mother Nature helped out with a nice rain shower to get them well on their way. Perhaps death by drowning this time instead of the usual neglect. We'll just have to wait and see.

Made the children read instead of watch TV. I am a teacher, right? They mumbled until I mentioned no TV all week. Then , they were fine with it.

Played Life, the board game with the boys. They were racing to see who could get the most kids. Ryan had 5, Josh got 1, but finished first. Figures. At the end, they didn't want to count money, so they said I won. Nice. I finally win at life with a pity win. (take that all the many ways it can be taken)

Went to lunch with Chris. That means we ran through a drive through and horked it down in his office while chatting with his 12:30 meeting since we were late getting there due to rain induced traffic and long lunch lines.

Picked up Faith at the hospital. She's doing well. Asleep now since NO ONE sleeps in hospitals. I giggled when the nurse looked at the boys and dropped her voice to nothing when giving the discharge directions of "no intercourse for 4-6 weeks". Now, I laugh out loud, BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Came home to finish the game of life and find out a tree dropped on my friend's house. Poor thing. We were chatting yesterday about how that dead thing needs to come down. Total bummer.

Now, updating my blog before we go back to pick Chris up from work. Hmm, wonder what's for dinner?


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