Sunday, July 29, 2012

I LOVE a Parade

Disney World was quite the trip. I could spend days trying to write down all the fun we had. But I won't subject you to all that. Today I will focus on parades. They are going out of fashion. No longer will people sit outside in the heat and sweat while they wait for people they don't know to drive by and wave at them. But at Disney, they do a darn fine parade. I've never considered myself a "parade lover", but they were some of my favorite parts of the Disney Week. A part that just I really appreciated.

The first parade I saw was in the Magic Kingdom. It was down Main Street and sort of snuck up on me. While the family was seeking out shade, I was pushing my son to the front of the pack to get an up close look at the spectacle that Disney produces so many times a day.
 I think it's the pulsing beat and all around happiness that drew me to the parades.
  Like a street party with my best interests at heart, sort of.

All the favorite characters with a soundtrack who are singing and dancing to make me happy.

And I really felt for the Castmates in costume with the temps topping 95 degrees with 99% humidity.

And the parades last a good long while, so it totally seems worth it to stay and enjoy.

 Disney's main goal (aside from leeching every possible dollar out of my wallet) is to make the visitor happy. I get that they are big corporate meanies who exist to make a buck. But they do it by catering to me. And my family. And they make Pinchpenny Me ok with paying for it. Because where else on earth can I have someone I don't know outrageously concerned about MY happiness?

Because the joy of Goofy giving me an air high-five (I missed it with the camera) is worth it, too.

 And Jessie is so much better life sized.

The next parade that made me squeal was the Electric Light Parade. Notoriously hard to photograph, especially when the camera batteries die from much use, this parade was magic for me. The boys were not so impressed, but I was in Glee-Land.

Dancing pixies, flashy,shiny floats, all were like magic from my childhood.

Cinerella waved at me and Alice from Wonderland wished me a very happy Unbirthday! What more is there to love??

Snow White's Dwarf friends were working overtime and added so much fun to the parade.

Pete and Eliot were super fun and got a roaring applause. Pete was talking and interacting with the crowd. And the group of about a hundred Brazilian teens loved being recognized.

And though the picture doesn't do it justice, the night view of Cinderella's Castle lit up was a view I wish I could have often.

So, maybe the simple joy of a parade will come back one day. But until then, Disney knows how to make us wish it would happen sooner rather than later!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tru dat

Tru Dat = dumb saying asserting that a previous statement is absolutely accurate

**Took the GRE today and finished with respectable scores. I must thank my dad for being such a wordsmith. My raising with words like mealy-mouthed, erudite, and astute served me well. I also got to read several really interesting articles. One was on Souththern Unionists during the Civil War. Another was on the purpose of the fascination with Jane Austen. GRE testing company, thanks for interesting articles to analyze. It makes long hard tests easier to endure. Tru Dat!

** Today's rain produces exactly ZERO leakage from our new roof! So glad it works. Tru Dat!

** I am dreading the cleaning of the downstairs that must happen today and tomorrow. With the sheetrocker/painter coming  Thursday, it must be done. Where do I put all this stuff? Maybe I can find a box somewhere around here. Or maybe 10 boxes. Not exaggerating. Tru Dat!

**This morning The Only Child For A Week started laughing hysterically. When I asked why he said "My nose farted!" and proceeded to roll around laughing for another 2 minutes. Nose farts are funny. Tru Dat!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Vacation dreaming

We leave for Disney World in 12 days! The whole family is visibly thrumming with the energy of anticipation. We all have our reasons for being super excited. Here are some of mine:

1. The joy of getting away from it all. Going someplace that is clean and neat and where they take their job of making me happy very seriously is very appealing to a Summer Wife who spends a lot of her day taking care of others.
2. I've been there and I know what fun it is. I love experiencing the thrills of the rides and the amazing visual displays that they create. Walking through the various parks and just watching and seeing new things makes me very happy.
3. Time with my favorite people doing fun things. My family is tons of fun when we can get away, and this is the pinnacle of getting away.
4. New experiences. Lots of "new" on this trip. Traveling with the inlaws, long multiday drive, and then the destination itself. I love to try new things and this week will be chock full of it.
5. Can't wait to see the awe on my children's faces when they first walk into the parks. They've never seen anything like it and Disney is nothing if not visually stunning
6. I can't wait to see how the kids handle the long trip. They've never traveled farther than 4 hours, so crossing state lines and inventing fun car games is going to be interesting
7. Not cooking for 8 consecutive days.

Thinking about it like this makes the preparation process virtually painless. Almost.