Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tru dat

Tru Dat = dumb saying asserting that a previous statement is absolutely accurate

**Took the GRE today and finished with respectable scores. I must thank my dad for being such a wordsmith. My raising with words like mealy-mouthed, erudite, and astute served me well. I also got to read several really interesting articles. One was on Souththern Unionists during the Civil War. Another was on the purpose of the fascination with Jane Austen. GRE testing company, thanks for interesting articles to analyze. It makes long hard tests easier to endure. Tru Dat!

** Today's rain produces exactly ZERO leakage from our new roof! So glad it works. Tru Dat!

** I am dreading the cleaning of the downstairs that must happen today and tomorrow. With the sheetrocker/painter coming  Thursday, it must be done. Where do I put all this stuff? Maybe I can find a box somewhere around here. Or maybe 10 boxes. Not exaggerating. Tru Dat!

**This morning The Only Child For A Week started laughing hysterically. When I asked why he said "My nose farted!" and proceeded to roll around laughing for another 2 minutes. Nose farts are funny. Tru Dat!


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