Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Waking up Tired

Ugh! It was one of those nights. The Hubby is sick with fever, congestion and sore throat. Between the fever chills, halting snoring, 4 am trip to get ibuprofen in the kitchen, and blasts of dragon breath in my face it was a night of little real sleep. Poor guy, but at least he is finally resting. Perhaps it'll be naptime this afternoon for me.

And the boys are still getting up early. I"m guessing this is driven by the Oldest. The Little One is mostly comatose on the couch when I come down. Amazing the draw of morning cartoons. I'd be worried, but  I remember getting up early to watch them when I was a kid. And the Oldest makes breakfast for them both. Today it was 7 waffles with butter. Yes, he made 7 waffles for the 2 of them. And they are all gone. I think the Little One ate 2. I am so screwed when they both hit their teeneage growth spurts. Thank you , God, for Sam's club and casseroles!

Today should have a trip to the pool and hopefully a meet up with a friend. It'll be lovely!


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