Thursday, June 3, 2010

Last Day predictions

I predict

* I will cry at Josh's graduation
* I will have to push some inconsiderate lady out of the way to get a great photo of him receiving his diploma
* 10  kids in my class will come and watch with me
* I will end the day with 12 kids in my classroom
* I will receive 2 batches of cookies, 1 freshly picked flower, 2 gift cards, and 3 homemade "Thanks for teaching me" cards as end of year gifts
*I will do the happy dance with tears as I watch this year's class go home..They have been awesome for the last two years
*I will choose where we eat out tonight since no one else cooks dinner around here
* Chris will make at least one trip to the hospital today due to Nerf War with the boys at church
* I will get my room cleaned and have exactly 3 things to do on my work day tomorrow


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