Saturday, May 29, 2010

Goal setting, an offshoot of dream wishing

This morning I am pondering my summer goals. With the long weekend ahead and the concept of rest iminently on the horizon, I know that I need to get this in writing before I cheese out and have another summer with no impact. Yeah, I want my summer to make an impact this year; impact on home, health, and happiness ( oh look, alliteration without effort! SCORE!).  I want the boys to disengage from the TV and computer and spend more time doing other things that are of value to them. That's my job as a parent and I sometimes don't do this well.

I want to drop the weight that I've embraced for too long for no reason. It's a spiritual issue, too. Embracing something for too long for no good reason is a definition of sin, so I definitely need to deal with it. In fact, this morning, instead of eating sugary muffins, I opted for the Kashi Go Lean flax with honey and oat cereal. I added fresh blackberries to help fight the gag reflex because the cereal alone sort of tasted like the goat pellets at mom and dad's smell. Guess I won't be getting any free cereal from Kashi for that review. :) But I feel good about my choice because it clearly has more healthy to it than my sugary lemon poppyseed muffins. And Yes, I am talking myself into being ok with the choice.

So I'm thinking about using the blog to help me stay honest about my summer goals. If I have to report to you, my 3 readers, then I might remember that when the temptations hit. We'll see...


Kim said...

haha... I was about to go grab a bowl of that cereal for dessert. I thought I had tried it before and liked it! I hope I'm not wrong. There is a Kashi that I LOVE but can't always find. And definitely don't remember the name of because it's something weird.... like I think it has the word "friend" in it. What? What exactly is in this cereal!

I am excited your summer is almost here. I know it will be a good one!

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