Saturday, May 22, 2010

He takes the big DUNK!

Josh got baptized last Sunday, and I am finally getting some of the pics online. We are so blessed to have wonderful, loving, supportive family and friends in our journey as parents.

This is Josh and Kaitlyn. They are BFFs from birth. Kaitlyn came to watch Josh get baptized and got a big education. As a Lutheran, she had never seen a full immersion baptism. She thought it was super cool. And loved that "Baptist" music. Good times!

Silly Brothers having fun, stopped for a moment to get their pic taken. The shades help them see the pictures in 3D.

My Mom came into town to be a part of our celebration with my niece Erinn. It was a quick trip, but I am so thankful they were able to be here and take part. Josh thinks they are super neat and really likes the goat milk and yard eggs his Oma brings when she comes to visit from the farm.

Here, Josh is surrounded by some very influential men in his life. Brett and Scott are uncles by love and spirit. They love my boys like their own and I am so thankful for their presence in our lives. Ryan is the big brother who teaches Josh so much every day. Some days I wish it weren't quite SO much, but he takes his role very seriously and is leading his brother well. And Daddy, the most influential guy around. My son couldn't have a better model of how to be a man of God.

There were others, but they avoided the camera. Silly people. How can you make THE BLOG if you won't get your picture taken? I don't have any images of the baptism itself, but a video should be coming. What a wonderful time to celebrate God's goodness to us!


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