Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Path of Destruction

It seems I'm leaving a path everywhere i go today. Coffee spilled on the computer, children with unexpected bumps (they bumped into me, honest), conduct cards marked which maybe should not have been marked, lunch on my shirt, queso on the chair.. just one of those days I guess. I wish someone would wrap me in bubble wrap so I could be a little safer to those around me.

So, I will take precautions... no flamable liquids, no stopping at the grocery store, no washing of the dishes, and certainly no cooking dinner. What a disaster that could be! I pity the thought.

Really, it'll be safer for everyone if I just send someone out for dinner tonight. I should probably even just stay away and go read in my room. I'd hate for anyone to get caught in the undertow.  But if someone could come and make sure I haven't bled out from a papercut, I'd really appreciate it.


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