Friday, May 21, 2010

A quick catch up and some FUNNY stuff

Mom was wondering why I hadn't changed my blog in a while... been a bit busy. End of School. Baptisms. Sick husband. That's why. And nothing really earth shattering  has happened. Except for Last weekend. And I just haven't taken the time to get the pictures ready to go. Surely this weekend I'll feel like doing that.

So, in my absence, enjoy these gems from Sleep Talkin Man.. He sure does have a way with words!

"Your blue sky thinking is blighted with dark clouds of piss-poor ideas."

"They're not love handles. No. I've got love impact protection barriers."

"You wanted to be WHAT when you grow up? Boy, you must be SO disappointed the way your life turned out. So sad."
"Before you say anything, I want you to take a long, hard think.... Longer... Longer!... Keep thinking... Keeeeep thinking... Did I say stop thinking?... Longer!"

So, off I go to another day of teaching, er, child wrangling and I'll "keep thinking" so I can share a fantastic blog soon.


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