Friday, May 7, 2010

Quotes of the week

It has been a stellar week for people saying things that I think are Hilarious with a capital H. I laughed so much and am thankful for laughter as I head into the weekend.

Captain Random (a student on the way to our field trip): Yeah, she's got a big head just like my mom. My brother and sister have big heads too. Me too. It runs in our family, the big heads... we are all known for our big headedness.

Mr. Biology: Mom, why did God make us have fingernails?

Mr. Loyal: So, mom, is Mother's Day this week? Cuz you are the best mom.. really. and if I ever got another mom I know she couldn't be as good as you, cuz you rock as a mom.

Mr. Biology: You said I grow when I'm asleep, well why does this part grow when I wake up from a nap? (pointing to his crotch)

Ms. Literary (asking a question to our guest author): What thing is the most inspirational type thing that motivates you to do this job? (emphasis on this was like she was discussing phlegm)

Mr. Biology: If butterflies get their wings pulled off do they become caterpillars again?

Narrator of BUGS, the best 3D IMAX field trip movie ever: And then his antennae carress her back as he completes his mating duties in an attempt to soothe her for his getaway. (3 story image of praying mantis reproductive acts accompany this brilliant statement)(teachers are silently laughing so hard they are crying in an attempt to  regain their composure and soothe the thoughts of the parent phone calls to follow) (parent volunteers stare straight ahead and pretend it never happened)

Miss All A's: Mrs. Willingham, what are we supposed to do now that TAKS is over? I mean, we've learned everything already. And I mean EVERYTHING.

Yep, quite the week. People are so funny.


Kim said...

Oh my goodness... that made me laugh! I needed that =-)

Kimberly said...

Thanks for the funny comments. I needed funny today! Catchin up on your blog... thanks for the good read!

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