Thursday, June 3, 2010

I am so NOT a prophet

In the OT when predictions made didn't come true, the prophet was stoned to death. Well, I am no prophet.

* I teared up a little at Josh's graduation, but not until his teacher gave me a hug and started to water
* I ended up with 14 kids at lunch time, had 8 at dismissal
* I am mostly ready to check out for the summer
* My gift haul was not extravagent: 1 plant, 1 bag of white chocolate, I box of chocolate, 1 card, 1 necklace with my initial, and 1 container of indian coconut rice. Sorry it's sideways. I couldn't get it to turn right.

* I was too pooped to happy dance and wasn't too sad to see them leave this afternoon
* Chris didn't head to the hospital, but did have a hyped up nerf gun draw blood on him
*I chose Chick Fil A for dinner tonight.

All in all, a great school year and I am thankful it is over. It's almost time for Summer Wife!


Kim said...

Happy Summer!

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