Thursday, September 29, 2011

Welcome to the Roller Coaster I Call Life

Up and down.. in and out... happy and sad.. It's been a week of opposites.
To start with, My Favorite Guy was announced as the head Student Pastor for our church. It has been coming for a while, and the waiting was killing us, but God is good even when we think He is taking too long. Yay! From jobless to Dream Job in less than 3 years.
I got a new car. I have NEVER owned a new car for me. I have had several previously owned new to me cars, 2 new cars bought for the Husband, but this is my first new car just for me. I am still in a sense of shock. It is awesome and amazing.
3 days after getting a new car, the truck got vandalized and robbed. They got a laptop and bag full of techy goodied and left about $1200 worth of damage to the truck. Sigh. Greedy, mean people make me cranky.

They really wanted in.

Chris is off in San Diego for a Youth Convention. This was his view today from his meeting venue. I love how he suffers for Jesus.

This was my view this afternoon. Biggest rainstorm since June. Lots of wind, lightning, rain.

So, it has been a really full and tiring week. I can't wait to relax a little this weekend! Who's with me?


Kim said...

I am so happy for you. The job was AWESOME news, but somehow the car pushed me over the top. I am busting with happiness for you. Just so many blessings!

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