Thursday, October 13, 2011

Blucky Day

The internet is a fickle beast... See, I have all this stuff about which I would like to vent.(So much so I am requiring proper grammar of myself. Or not.) It is stuff about work and kids and school and family. But I can't vent here. Not in a public venue. While I know my loyal 2 readers wouldn't think less of me, for they know what I am thinking before I say it, it's the random internet search that I fear. The one that a future boss, friend, coworker, student might run. It's not because I think I am that important. I am not. But I understand that lives are interconnected in a complex web of  information these days. In the words of famous song "It's a small world after all." So true Mr. Disney, or whoever penned that. So, for that very reason. I will leave you with this bit of cuteness instead.
Thank you for understanding my unwillingness to share.


Kim said...

I can definitely relate. Hope your troubles are "cruising" away!

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