Friday, October 14, 2011

I came across this quote today while reading a zombie blog. Don't ask why. And it made me think about other areas of my life where this might apply.

"The hungry swarm always wins. They inherit the Earth, and no amount of tools or human intelligence can hope to stop them. Because, in the end, when you only have one goal, and that goal is eating brains, a goal which turns others into zombies like you...there’s just nothing that beats that level of persistence, dedication, and single-minded fixation. "

The author of this statement is discussing the battle of new fangled vs. old fangled zombies and who would win in a battle between the two. I am thinking about my job. Either way, the concept of single minded focus being the key to winning and losing helps me focus today on what the really important stuff is. Am I as focused on Christ and his message as zombies are focused on brains??? Zombie for Jesus just doesn't sound right though.


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