Monday, February 1, 2010

Bead in the Ear

Ah, another rite of childhood... again,

Yes, we're off to Dr this afternoon. Josh has a bead stuck in his ear. Again. This happened a few years ago. Josh was exploring his orifices and decided that a tiny oblong colored bead would fit nicely in his ear canal. After trying at the house, going to his pediatrician, we ended up in the ER with a very perplexed nurse and physician and very angry toddler. I'd expect that he had learned his lesson. He did.

Josh has a bead in his ear, because RYAN PUT IT THERE! Yes, that's right. My fastidious, follow the rules elder child thought it would be fun to put a bead in his brother's ear. When I asked why, through clenched teeth and seething anger, he told me "because it fit."  Well, alrighty then.

So, my afternoon will now be spend in the dr office. I have no doubt there will be tears (most likely mine) and I'm not ruling out a visit to the ER, too.  Last time they had to use water pressure to pop that sucker out. Hopefully this will be easier to get out. It is smaller, after all.

Sigh, a mother's work is never done.


Kim said...

aww... I'm so sorry! Poor Josh!

Let us know how it went!

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