Saturday, February 20, 2010

Sigh of a Ninja

It's a sighing Saturday morning. Things are fine. Trucking right along, except for Ryan's missing basketball uniform. No tragedy is looming over us that we can see. Everyone is happy and healthy.

And I think I'm just lonely. I miss my friends. With our crazy schedules I haven't seen anyone outside of the daily activities since New Year's. I haven't had much "Me Time", at least where I could go and do what I wanted to. I want to go and hang with my Tara and giggle like we're 12 again and the ridiculous people who pass us by. I want to get my hair did with Tescille and debate the merits of different types of music education (who knew I'd miss that?!) I want to meet up with Kim Vogel, who I haven't seen in years but have recently reconnected with and would love to just go have coffee and catch up. We've been trying to plan that for weeks, and neither one of us can make it work. I want to see Kim from Dallas and talk about her education classes and go shopping and cook something fun that I'd never make on my own. Sigh. But I don't see it happening. Apparently I lead a life of invisible action focused on one main goal... to keep the wheels turning in the Willingham Household.

It's that "life" thing again. My Sat is defined by basketball and trips to Kingwood to see Mamaw (who's actually doing much better. Getting her memory back and all that!) I have clothes to wash and food to buy (these people can eat!) and mess to tidy up (I'm trying to do better with that. I have these really good looking floors now that I want to be able to show off at a moment's notice). Work is very draining , so by the time I get home and cook dinner and make the boys do their homework and go to basketball practice and wait for Chris to get home, I'm pretty worn out.

Sigh. Just one of those mornings I guess. Time to find that uniform and get the boys moving cuz time is ticking away.


Kim said...

I'm so sorry sweetie. I can totally relate. Does Chris's Spring Break line up with yours? Is he going to be able to watch the boys while you do something fun? That would be great!

Kimberly said...

Ok... so now we HAVE to get together SOON!

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