Thursday, January 28, 2010

Lessons from Kindergarten basketball

If you chat up the cute girl basetball referee she'll pat you on the head and tell you how cute you are

If  you want one on one time with the coach, forget how to catch the ball

Those reversible basketball shorts can be turned inside out if you send the waistband through the middle of the leg hole, between the two pieces of fabric

When you put on a pair of reversible basketball shorts inside out, it resembles a teeny tiny bathing suit and cuts off blood flow to your man bits.

If you yell your brother's name from the court while you are supposed to be playing, he still won't hear you, even if you do it 3 times

If you dance while you guard your opponent, your team can steal the ball

When you tell the guy you are guarding that he, in fact, is NOT open, he might believe you and stop going for the ball

When you don't know what to do, SKIP down court, away from the action  until you figure out where you are supposed to be, or time runs out.. the coaches love that

We love basketball season!


Kim said...

how fun! do they both play??? wish we could see a game!

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