Saturday, August 29, 2009

1 Week Down... 35 to go

First week of school... FANTASTIC! This had to be the most laid back, smooth first week... Even with me moving grade levels.. my new team is wonderful.. I know most of the kids' names... I know at least half of their reading levels.. and when you team teach the day goes exceptionally fast...

We start teaching for real next week. I'm curious about how the kids will do with the increased responsibility and rigor of 3rd grade. Some will excel and others will crash, this I know... but I wonder who will do which.

I've got some great kids in my classes... I've got some kids with real problems, too. One was out for 2 days this week cuz his bro and sis (both younger) came to visit and Dad thought he should stay home and sleep since they kept him up until 1 am. I've got a few really needy kids who want what they want when they want it. And I've got a ton of great, hard working, obedient students who really want to do their best.

My teaching team is wonderful. Everyone pitches in, does whatever needs doing without being asked, and cares about the kids. They look out for each other and like to have fun. But most importantly, I'm not team leader! I don't have to be responsible for things coming together or remembering to tell people stuff, or fixing what's broken. No one looks to me for the answer to "how should we do that?" Whew! I knew it would be a big relief, but it feels wonderful to experience it.

That was the first week. I know it'll have some ups and downs along the way. I know all weeks won't be this good. But for now, I will be thankful and truly enjoy the blessing that God has given without borrowing trouble from tomorrow.


The Elliott Family said...

Glad to hear everything went so well. I have been thinking and praying for you all week. We still need to get together soon. Kimberly

Marie said...

Aww, thank you! And yes for getting together. Chris wants to go shooting again! What do the next few weeks look like?? gimee a holler.

Kim said...

That's wonderful! Hope week 2 is starting out well!

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