Monday, August 3, 2009

Eyebrow anguish!

On my girls weekend, we got pedi's and I got my brows waxed. This is no small feat. The first time they were waxed, several years ago, I cried until the poor vietnamese girl had to turn her wax stick over to the manager. The second time I tried it, I cried again and swore that I would never do that again, and doomed myself to tweezing from fear of the wax. This is a reasonable fear, I think. And quite a nice gesture to the eye waxing professionals of my hometown.

Well, the estrogen induced atmosphere of two great friends out of town with no children, and a very pushy pedicurist convinced me to try it one more time. And this time i didn't cry. Well, a little in my heart and soul, but nothing leaked down my cheeks. From past experiences, I know that there is redness post waxing. But the itchy, tingle didn't seem to go away over the next day. And today, day 2, I am wondering what I have done!

See, my brows itch like a mosquito convention. The top half of my face is still red and puffy. Not hugely, go to the hospital you caught an Asiatic virus type way.. but uncomfortable. This is not right. All I can figure is that Little Miss Pushy, the wax techinician and pedicurist, did some serious soft tissue damage with her self proclaimed "technique". And now my face is rebeling and teaching me a very important lesson.

Now I have to wonder, when will my face return to normal? When will I stop feeling every little smile and change in my eyebrow (what's left of them) region? I give it another day before I totally freak out on someone.

Oh yeah, they look great, by the way, the brows have lovely shape that is very non-caterpillar like. Quite the improvement.

Oh, the things we do for beauty under estrogen induced stupidity!


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