Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Eyebrow update

Ok, so the top half of my face is slightly swollen and bumpy.. I did a little internet reseach and figure it's either allergies (to what??!!) or celluitis. Yep, looks like I might have gotten a skin infection from getting my brows waxed! Only me.. seems I'm queen of weird health issues! Yippee.. I just wanted to be queen of a small country.

So, since Mom will ask when she reads this, I am self treating with oral antihistimine, topical hydrocortizone, and cold rags soaked in water and cider vinegar. And it seems to be helping. So now I am sleepy, oily, and smell like vinegar with less swelling and itching. Nice way to end the summer.

Keep checking back. Since I'm housebound so I don't scare the Woodlannds population, I might have a laundry blog coming soon.

I know, you couldn't be more excited!


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