Sunday, August 19, 2012

Ode to Summertime

Summertime, you have come to an end, my friend.
We thought it could last forever, but no
It's time to get back to the "Big Show".

We had our good times, yep, we did.
36 hours on a bus, oh yeah!
Major house repairs, you bet!
Days at the Y watching kids swim and trying to keep my book from getting wet while I sweat? It seems only just a dream.
Maybe you recall a birthday in the car? Yes, dear Summer Friend, you were there.

You were there when we entered Disneyworld in the rain!
You were there when we waited for Disney Buses for 25 minutes and got to stand for 30 more because it was so full.
You were there when my boys fought Darth Vader and won! Yes you were!
You were there when the road disappeared in Gary, Texas.
You were there as we toured a deserted college in 98 degrees.
And you were there when it was all completed.

We have had a lot of fun, you and I.
So thanks for the memories.
Thanks for the joy!
I bid you farewell til next year dear friend.
May we meet again and have more grand adventures.
I'm off to THE JOB tomorrow. I will miss you dearly.
And some days I know, it will seem like it was all only a dream.


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