Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Play that Funky music, White Girl!

With all my summer free time, I'm playing with music. By playing, I mean that I am creating some awesome playlists. This is like when I'd make those mixed tapes in Jr High, but without the DJ talking over the start and finish of the best song of the week. Playlists for work, for moods, for fun, for memories when the Old Timer's disease kicks in.. that kind of stuff.

Digital music makes me happy because it's so EASY. Drag and drop and save. That's it. After the music has been legally downloaded of course. And when it is artfully arranged into genre, style, and purpose I have a soundtrack for my day. Here is what I am currently working on..

Instrumental soundtrack list (for when I want to be inspired, because John Williams is a GENIUS)
Disney/Kid list safe for school (gonna be using music therapy a lot this year I hear)
Hard Core Cleaning for the Suburban Housewife ( a mix of rock and 80's hits that make me happy and make me forget that I am doing chores)
Country Fun (to bring back happy college memories of when I was in my country phase from East Texas)
Creepers (for all those songs that make you sure you are being followed by someone declaring their undying love whether you want them or not)

Just another fun day in Willingham's World!


Kim said...

haha... the Creepers made me laugh out loud! Love it!

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