Monday, May 4, 2009

Teacher Appreciation

It's the annual "kill a tree, make a picture on notebook paper and give it to your teacher week of joy" commonly referred to as Teacher Appreciation Week. This is the week where the PTO sends out a note informing the parents that it time to celebrate their child's teacher with a daily themed treat. Pretty bold, I say. So each day we get a little sweet something from the precious gems we teach for 8 hours a day.

Today is "Write your teacher a note" day. I got 3. They were very nice, but I'm sure I have taught them how to spell better than that. And the stick figure me is quite impressive. I also love the 3 year old picture one girl included in hers so that I could "remember me (her) when I was 3". Catchy.

So, here a list of gifts teachers really will appreciate.

1. gift cards - to anywhere - Sonic, Chili's, book store are great places to start
2. alcohol - I didn't say it would be easy, but most teachers have a drink of choice that makes it all better on those Monday evenings
3. Flowers - real flowers, not "i made you a picture of" flowers or paper flowers that the toddler sibling drew on, a nice variety bouquet is very pleasant
4. Overhead markers or dry erase pens - it isn't sexy, but oh so practical
5. Hand sanitizer - Can you say "Swine flu"?
6. Good Chocolate - not that Whitman Sampler or Ferrar roche junk, real chocolate from another country that hasn't been in the bottom of the store shelves since Valentine's Day
And finally.........
7. Keep you child home for a day - Really, just send an e-mail with the subject line "because we care" and a doctor's note when they return. I would feel so appreciated!

Please do not send: stationary, baked goods, cheap chocolate, chocolate apples with gummy worms in the middle, family portrait cards leftover from Christmas, handpainted ceramics, bottom of the gift box soaps and lotions, or paint by numbers sets... these will go in the trash as soon as the last bus leaves for the day and I will know that you appreciated me enough to dig deep in the closet, but not to actually put some thought into what I would like.

Stay tuned... it's gonna last all week!


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