Friday, May 22, 2009

The Weekend

Ah, the long awaited long weekend. In the midst of the hurricane of the end of school, we get one last day to rest before the 2 week push to the end. And I have nothing planned. What a miracle of provision!

Time for some personal contemplation and reflection before I get buried in paperwork again.

Hmmm, possible jobs for Chris looming on the horizon..... I want to be excited, but can't bring myself to hope. It just hurt too much last time when it never worked out. So, how to move past the hurt to have hope and faith again? Sheesh, people make lots of money writing books and counseling on this topic. I know that I have to allow God to heal that. But how does that happen? In His good time I guess.

Big moves in my career. I'm leaving 2nd grade after 12 years and moving up to 3rd. I will be shedding my Team Leader responsibilities and probably becoming the campus website coordinator. Good move I think. But it will be hard to leave what I'm good at and try something new with a whole new crew of ladies with lots of personality. I know it'll be fine, but the grieving process of leaving "home" should be interesting since I can't even think about that move while I'm wrapping up our year end stuff. Scary stuff.

Yeah, that's enough contemplation for a while. I'd much rather go watch my boys play Monopoly while I read a good book for a while.


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