Friday, May 8, 2009

Teacher Appreciation cont.

Well, yesterday's post disappeared. Yep, no telling where in went in cyber world. But today is finally Friday. Yippee! (in the words of Grandpa Joe in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory)

So, Teacher Appreciation week is ending today. My loot so far includes: 6 brownie bites, a pack of Kit Kats, a box of sugar cookies, 8 handwritten note, 2 pictures, 1 rose, 6 carnations, some baby's breath, and 2 paper flowers.

And I do feel appreciated. Having GT kids makes this a little more fun. Instead of "tHnx fr beeeeng mi teeechr", I got a fully created poem. Here's the text:
Thank you!
when I see you, you make me smile!
My smile can be seen within a mile!
Thank you for teachign me. Now I can be Smart!
And here's a compliment,
I love ART! (btw, I don't teach art)
Thank you Mrs. Willingham for teaching me well!
Thanks to you in third grade I
think I'll do swell!
Thank you!
I also got a whale made from blue construction paper. Inside was the phrase "I'd migrate a long way to be in your class!" Very cute.
I can't wait to see if today brings anything else. We also have drawings from the PTO, so far I haven't been chosen for gift cards to: Sonic, Olive Garden, HEB, Kohls, or Barnes and Noble. I wonder what I'll be denied today! But it is big fun to hear the kids cheering for the other teachers when they win.
Off the teach the children. A happy Friday to all who enter here. :)


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