Thursday, May 28, 2009

A secret

Have you ever had a secret that you REALLY wanted to share, but couldn't. I have. I do. Got me thinking about the things we keep secret from others. Our little personal habits and such that no one knows about. No foul and no harm if no one knows I secretly love to drink milk from the jug. I don't, but I would like to do just that much more often than I do.

Some secrets need to be kept. Confidential thoughts that have been shared or what I'm getting for a gift. Really. I think those secrets are perfectly safe.

Some secrets are dangerous. The knowledge you keep that tears you up inside or that hurts someone else because they just don't know what to do about it. Maybe it's a self destructive habit or event that needs to be known by others. Secrets that exert power over others are bad, too. Some secrets are just flat evil.

Personally, I don't like many secrets. I'm kind of an "all out there" kind of girl. You get what you get. No surprises. Well, I like to think of myself like that. In reality, I keep just as much confidential as most people. But I do so wishing I could just lay it all out there and say "come what may!"

So, if you've got a secret you are bursting to share, come my way. I can keep the secret, and you'll feel much better.


Kimberly said...

Girl... I already shared my secret with you! Great post! I'm an "all out there" kind of girl too! Sometimes too much so!

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