Sunday, May 17, 2009

Fleas, junk, and the end of school

blazer has fleas. my house has fleas. i can't get rid of the fleas. baths and carpet spray aren't working. Time to move on to the "bomb".

Maybe the bomb will take care of problem number 2. My house is a mess. I hate to clean house. I don't live with neat people. They don't help. Not on a regular basis that'll keep things picked up, anyway. I've tried to assign jobs. I've offered money. Nothing has worked. Then I quit trying and gave in to the mess. See, I'm a cleaning "chameleon". I will maintain what those around me will maintain. Always have. Unfortunately, when left on my own, I descend into messiness. I am not the catalyst of change that can overcome entropy. Maybe the "bomb" will blow the mess away.. wishful thinking, right?

And then it's the end of school... three weeks left. We're going to make it! Just fairly long days when no one wants to be there and I don't have much left to teach. And Lots of paperwork and keeping teachers from bugging each other. At least my time as a team leader is coming to an end.

Yeah, I'm changing grades after 12 years of teaching second grade. Moving up to 3rd, the big TAKS year. Crazy, I know. I just got tired of the little kid issues. Tired of the tattling and fussing that is that grade level.

So, 2 Mondays left. fleas to kill. house to clean. dinner to make.. I should probably get on that.


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