Tuesday, May 5, 2009

St. John's Wort.. or is it Wart??

So, how about I make this lovely mood lifting herb part of my household's daily routine??? I feel like I'm living with the a bunch of Debbie Downer's lately, so maybe I need to incorporate this for all. Well, all the adults anyway. With Faith off her meds and Chris not able to take any classes this summer and me drudging through school on a daily basis I think the time has come. Morning, noon and night. Herbs for all

And I could make special brownies, mix it in the spaghetti sauce, layer it in lasagne, sprinkle it on salads. Maybe I could even create a St. John's Wort cook book for all those who live with the habitually depressed.

Whatcha' think???


Kim said...

Skip the herbs and just eat the brownie. Works for me ;-)

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