Monday, March 22, 2010

Spring Break - THE weekend

The week was flowing right along. Some disappointments, but overall, good week with great anticipation for what lie ahead.

So, we trekked up to Dallas and went to Medieval Times. If you don't know, it's all about medieval jousting and horses and eating with your hands and having a grand ol time, castle style. We even got crowns.
Yeah, tilt your head. I love their expressions.

This was followed by a night of puke from Josh. Poor kid had a really upset tummy. It was followed by the "icky Poopy make it stop Mommmy" moments. Ugh.

After a night of fun with that, we saw Brett and Kim for lunch, and got ready for the weather. Yes, the weather. We forgot to check the weather and were shocked by the Canadian Norther. somehow the shorts and sandals I packed didn't quite cut it, because we were in a mini blizzard! Nice. Here is what the freeways looked like afterwards.

Check out the roof tops. Mighty magnificent. I'll show you the snowballs later.

We finished out our trip with a stop at the Steak and Shake. Love  love love the solidified greasy burgers. Plus the kids got cool cards.
See, Chris was having fun, too.

More Pictures coming soon!


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