Saturday, March 27, 2010

Outside the Walls -- Blessings flow!

Our church has started an empahsis to get outside of our church walls and start serving those who don't come to our church. Not as a gimmick. Not to raise our attendance. Not to garner favor. But because Jesus said to help others. We've been encouraged and given opportunities to do that with excellent leadership from all our staff members and church family.
Today, our family participated in an outreach at an inner city mission east of downtown Houston called Open Door. It's a residential facility for recovering addicts. It provides housing, food, counseling, and the most peaceful, Christ like atmosphere I've ever felt at a place like this. It's a voluntary program and the residents are beyond grateful for getting a second chance.

Our church descending like a military strike force this morning. We had over 50 volunteers ready to do anything that was asked. We painted metal fencing, washed windows, served food, sorted clothes, talked with people, prayed with people, and loved on a group that is often forgotten by our very sheltered lives. It was beautiful to see Christ in action.

As we were leaving, Josh started a conversation with the question "Dad, I don't mean to be rude, but I really don't understand what it means about Jesus saving us. What is that?" Oh ,the precious moment. Chris is driving down a pothole filled street in East Houston. There are homeless people on the corner. We aren't quite sure how to get back to the freeway. And Josh wants to know what it all means.

Well, being a fine multitasker (for a guy), Chris handles it all well. He drives and explains what "being saved" means to a six year old. And even remembers to ask him if that's something he'd like to do. Josh said yes, but let us know he was feeling shy, so could he just pray silently. Yeah, I think that's alright.
So now we have a new little believer to raise. Wow! What a responsibility! Chris and I are awed that we have been entrusted to raise these guys in the way of the Lord and to teach them what they need to know while they are young. I feel honored and overwhelmed at the task ahead of me. I know and trust that God will lead us in this charge, but I am humbled at the thought of my involvement.

Praise Him from whom all blessings flow!


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