Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A little update and some stream of consciousness

Here's what's going on.... not much.. just life.. let's see.. I made some good spaghetti and enjoyed some Dry Comal Creek Red wine with it... I voted today... The boys got a tour of the fire engines and got to ask all the questions they had. Josh still wants to join the army and use a rocket launcher. I couldn't talk him into considering other options. At least there's still time left for a thought change.... Reading benchmark is tomorrow. Time to see if my low babies have figured it out yet.... I'm tutoring twice a week before school.. ugh it makes me tired. At least there are some good online sites that keep me from wanting to end it all after doing just one more practice passage. Spring break is a week and a half away. Couldn't get here soon enough. Trying to figure out what to do for vacation at the end of the week. Something fun and memorable for the boys and relaxing and rejuvenating for the parents. Right.. We'll see what comes up.... Life is just going right now. Nothing huge on the horizon that I can see. I'm definitely trying to enjoy the downtime beween criseses. And rest in the love of my heavenly Father. He has been so good to us. And I'm talking with jobs and family and stuff. Yeah, I am so thankful for my new stuff. In the last few months He has rained down the earthly blessings and I'm not taking them for granted. I don't feel guilty about them. I am honored and enjoy them. With a full and happy heart. Contentment? Yep, I think that's what they call it. I hope you can try it. Because I know you'll like it.


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