Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ode to a friend

Let's talk BFFs today folks.  You've got one, I hope. Sometimes 2. These are the people to you have a history with and who get you on a very real level. They are the friends in your inner circle and the ones who you can not talk to in a looooong time, yet pick up right where you left off whenever you do see each other again. This is the person who gets to hear your vents, your laughs, your dumbest jokes. This is the friend who keeps your secrets and loves you always. You might have gotten bad haircuts together, bought matching or complimenting accessories together, or just played dumb games together. The point is.. you are together.

My BFF is amazing! Of course, or else she wouldn't be mine. Not only is she funny and smart, she's so pretty. But she totally loves to eat. Which makes her BFF material instead of a **tch. She laughs at my lame-O jokes and tells me how funny and smart  and pretty I am. I guess we are just one big Mutual Admiration Society.

She deals with the crap of life (and she has way more than her fair share) and loves Jesus through it all. I think that's what I like most about her. She really loves Jesus. And has since I met her. In fact, she is one of the reasons I became a Christian. Her 12 year old witness was fierce for the Lord and she wouldn't let me skate by with my lies or bad attitude. She showed me that Christians were really worth my time. And I love her for that.

BFF's don't have to live next door. In fact, better if they don't. Hard to love someone like that when you see all their trash and their dog poops on your lawn. Ya know? My BFF has always lived far far away. Other side of this great big city. In our early days, we had the phone and Friday nights at the Bagpipe Band practice (ooo, the stories!).  Later on, we'd drive and meet halfway at the scary inner city mall. We tried college together, but that only lasted 2 years and was the hardest time ever for our relationship. There were times I thought I'd lost her for good, and I really grieved for that loss. Now we live a whole city away, but we have texting! God bless texting. It's my tether to the outside world.

Our hubbies like each other and our kids play well togther. Truly, a great great friendship. I love her and she loves me.

PS I totally love her hair! That's important for a BFF.


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