Monday, March 15, 2010

Spring Break Day 1

Awesome. I woke up with a sinus headache. Self medicated with a serious concoction of stuff. Netti Pot'd myself til I smelled salt water. Sat down and read.  Then, when I finally kicked the head ache and snot, I was gonna take the boys out to the Home Depot to get new rakes for our appointed yard work.

Can't. Find.My.KEys. Do you have any idea how much I enjoy being stranded?? with 3 cars in the driveway and no keys to drive them???? Any idea?? Not too much, let me tell ya.

So I sent the kids out to play in the BEE UUU TIFULL weather and they keep popping in whining about "it's hot" and "why do we have to play outside" and "why can't I spend another 4 hours sorting my Legos so Daddy can finish building my (big Lego monstrosity I don't remember the name of)". Thankless little whelps.

So I peruse my websites of choice. And land on my Blogspot site and thought I'd share with you.

So here's a pic of me today.. sporting my new, misbehaving haircut pulled back with a clip and my ancient ETBU junky "nobody can see me because really no one wears stuff like this in public"shirt.  And I can't get it to rotate so you'll just have to turn your head. ** sigh**


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