Wednesday, December 16, 2009

When the Crazy Winds Blow

There is some serious crazy floating around today. I'm about to head home to see what chaos the flooring guys have wrought on my downstairs. I've been nervous about it all day.

I'm also looking forward to a full night of packing the house so they can put in carpet on Friday. I know, you're jealous, right??

And in the middle of this, or perhaps bookending it, is the week before Winter Break at school. Lots of frustratingly long school days. When I'd rather be working on the house. But I'm making bookmarks instead.

And in the middle of the crazy winds, the zephyr of kindness and helpfulness makes an appearance. My partner told me to stay home in the morning, she's taking the kids. "Come in at 10:30 and take care of what you need to." Love that woman. She's a priceless gem among teachers.

And I've had other wisps of calm today. Kids who are normally rowdy showing kindness. Others just giving me a hug. And the box of Sees Candy was no small treat either.

God is good and showing Himself to me. In the midst of my crazy life He, again, shows up to lead the way. The way that won't let me be bitter. The way that keeps me from pulling out all my hair. The way that reminds me how hard others have it. The way that shows me people who need to see Jesus, from the Latin Kings gang look alikes who are laying my flooring to the irritating kid who won't shut up. Yeah, they all need to see some Jesus. And I know that if I recognize that, it's me who has to show it.


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