Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Eve

It's almost afternoon, and I still haven't showered. I have chili to make, cornbread to bake, cookies to teach the boys how to make (scoop and place, gentlemen). I finished my shopping this morning and dropped off 5 bags of old clothes to the drop spot by CVS. White Christmas is on the TV. And the only mention of Jesus I've seen is on Facebook.

I was trying to figure out how to plan dinner around a 6:00 church service with 2 ravenous boys (they are growing again/still) and realized how I've missed so much of the season this year. With the house in turmoil and the normal school stuff, I haven't had the build up I normally experience. The fact that I have to pull my clothes out of bags still lets me know I'm not quite ready for company. I haven't wrapped a single present. The tree is up though. And still, where is Christ in my Christmas?

I am happy to say He is front and center. I don't need to have it all together, wrapped with a bow to celebrate my Savior. He is with me always, and I've felt His present of presence a lot recently. How else could I not go insane? Note to self: don't do house remodeling in December. Period.

And while I wish I could have it presented better for the kids' sake, I guess it's just part of our crazy family. "Yes boys, it's Christmas Eve. Santa comes tonight, after church and dinner and s'mores and the manger scene. Sorry you have to step over boxes to get to the Christmas tree. " Maybe I'll stay up late and surprise them with a beautiful table in the morning. Maybe not. I just hope they understand that Christmas is about God loving mankind enough to send his Son to die in our place. Haven't seen a Christmas card with that on it lately. But I know, and I'll share it with those I come in contact with.

So here's to hoping that Santa makes his way to the Willingham's house tonight. Maybe there will be some unwrapped gifts under the tree, but our manger scene, to help us remember, will be front and center.


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