Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Progress takes Time, DUH!

I'm at loose ends today. I can't wait to get home and see my new bathroom vanity and know that my master bathroom will be fully functional again. I, of course embracing my realistic/pessimistic tendencies, fully expect the plumbing to need more repairs that the guy can do and the vanity to not fit properly. But there is a slight inkling of hope that things will go smoothly since I am NOT involved in the fixing of them. It's why we pay professionals. Right?

I am wanting some new ideas for my students. I just am not enjoying the paper shuffle and grading at this time of year. I am craving some play time.. but how do 3rd graders play?? Maybe I'll bring out the Play Doh and we'll see how creative they are. Maybe we'll go to Kindergarten and teach them to tie their shoes. Maybe we'll make holiday ornaments. Maybe I am just wishing for next week.

On the home front, Chris is finally done with finals. And there was MUCH rejoicing! He finally had a night last night with nothing to do. What a sweet sweet blessing of time. I couldn't bear to share the honey-do list I've been making in my head. The man totally deserves some time to himself. Progress can wait.

Unless we're talking home remodeling. The progress can hurry the heck up! I am yearning to see my new tile. I am crazy to view my laminate.  I want to feel the soft squishiness of new carpet in the hallway. SIGH One day soon.

And you KNOW I'm going to share pictures. After I finish making carpet angels and dry mopping my living room, of course.


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