Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What's UP? Wednesday

Thinking happy thoughts this morning.. have to and you'd understand if you saw my living room/storage unit...  So here is what is going well...

My friends are blogging and I LOVE reading about how they are doing.. I don't get to the phone often, so a good blurb from their heart is fantastic. I've got to remember to tell them, though.

My house is getting fixed... I am keeping my eye on the end goal and not fretting about the chaos until then... the living room will get cleaner.. the floors will be fixed... I will be able to take a shower tonight (I hope).. end goal, Willingham, keep it in sight.

School is rocking along.. I'm feeling more comfortable with the curriculum and extending and enriching for my kids that need it.. I'm not the team leader this week, so that's FANTASTIC!

I stayed home and cooked dinner instead of going out last night.

 I also went to Walmart and bought the Christmas movies set.. you know, the one with all the old TV favorites like Frosty and Rudolph and Little Drummer Boy?? Total impulse end cap buy, but I am so excited, and so was Josh when he saw it this morning.

So, I am up this morning, ready to take the day full steam ahead! Care to join me??


Kim said...

I LOVE the claymation Christmas movies. My dad bought it for my niece last year... it got a lot of action!

Did you get a new couch? I think I heard a rumor about that...

So glad it's a good week!

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